Countryside Child Care Center

3980 N. Walnut St.     Muncie, IN 47303     

Phone: (765) 289-2222     Fax: (765) 289-2223

Discipline Policy


Countryside Child Care Center will not use any form of physical or verbal punishment, even if requested by the parent/legal guardian.  The facility will not use threats or bribes to ensure positive behavior.  Withholding food or drinks will never be used as a form of punishment.


Countryside Child Care Center will work with parents/guardians to determine the cause of misbehavior in a positive manner.  Children are informed of any inappropriate behavior at the time the behavior is being displayed.  It will be explained to the child that these behaviors are inappropriate and what is expected instead or redirected to more constructive activities.  Children over the age of three (3) could be asked to spend some quiet time by themselves (time out) in an area so designated in the classroom.  Time outs will be based on one minute per year of child’s age.  Disciplinary problems will be addressed with parents and documented in the child’s record. 


Teaching children how to interact in a suitable manner will be a main focus within the discipline policy.  CCCC will use methods of positive discipline to correct inappropriate behavior.  Children will be encouraged to cooperate with other children and adults.  Discipline will be used while maintaining or increasing a child’s self worth and incorporating self-discipline.