Countryside Child Care Center

3980 N. Walnut St.     Muncie, IN 47303     

Phone: (765) 289-2222     Fax: (765) 289-2223

Curriculum:  1's and 2's



Our 1 year olds focus on increased mobility and language development.  Stable walking, running and kicking a ball are a few of the major muscle movements accomplished in this age group.  Children are able to say approximately 10 -25 words and can identify at least 3 body parts.  There are 10 different learning centers in each classroom for discovery, learning and exploration.  A child’s confidence in their abilities and surroundings in increased through achievement and practice. 


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The second year is a year of self-expression and the realization of independence.  Potty training becomes a very important stage in this age group. Their vocabulary increases to over 100 words.  Children begin to verbalize their emotions and desires in short sentences.  They begin matching picture items, building small block structures and imitating the world around them by dramatic play.  They are able to understand and follow two to three component requests.  Children are also able turn the pages of a book and make short stories to correspond to the pictures.