Countryside Child Care Center

3980 N. Walnut St.     Muncie, IN 47303     

Phone: (765) 289-2222     Fax: (765) 289-2223


Child Care:  5 and school age


School Age Children

            Educational goals will build upon the previous exposure to education concepts specific to the child's age group.  Homework assistance will be the first priority for school age children during the school year.  Audio tapes with corresponding print material will be available for basic readers.  Independent print material will begin at the basic reading level and continue to a ninth grade level.  The continuation of reading material surpasses the day care center's age group by three years to challenge the more advanced children.  Computer centers will be accessible to the children.  The computer centers will offer age related software programs emphasizing educational concepts.   Proper manners, personal hygiene, and positive socialization skills will be modeled by staff and included in the daily routine.