Countryside Child Care Center

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Child Care:  3's and 4's


3 -4 year olds

This age group will continue to work on any tasks that were not mastered during the previous level.  Three to four year old children will be introduced to basic education concepts.  These concepts will include visual identification of numbers, letters, colors and shapes.  Verbal identification will be introduced as required.  Beginning reading steps will be utilized by labeling objects within the child's environment.  Children will receive daily exposure to reading by staff during scheduled times.  Staff will ask a series of questions at the conclusion of the story to reinforce reading comprehension skills.

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4 -5 year olds

Four to five year old children will build upon previous exposure to educational concepts.  Identification of numbers, letters, colors and shapes will be used as a foundation for this age group.  Multiple task identification including these basic concepts will be introduced.  Sequence events such as counting, alphabet and before and after events will also be used during this time.   Educational tasks will be used to prepare children to enter the structured educational setting.